How to become a member of the Canadian Space Health Research Network
Membership is open to all researchers and trainees affiliated with a Canadian (academic or non-academic) research organization. Members may be involved in performing space health research, or perform research that could be valuable in the context of space health. Please complete the form below if you are interested in becoming a member of the Canadian Space Health Research Network (no fee required).
Membership benefits include:
  • Opportunities to get informed about space health research in Canada and to connect with the space health research community through webinars, topic-focused meetings, research symposium, mailing list, news delivery, and social media.

  • Opportunities to share data and collaborate with other members of the Network.

  • Opportunities to apply for pilot funding in support of novel collaborative proposals.

  • For researchers, opportunities to get access to a database of highly motivated students and trainees available for recruitment.

  • For trainees, opportunities to discover qualified space health researchers, and receive travel funding and research awards.

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