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Join one of our committees to create programs and contribute to the Canadian space health research community. If interested please email us with your statement of interest and experience. We value equity, diversity, and inclusion, and encourage the involvement of individuals of any under-represented group.

Research committee

The Research Committee is chaired by Giuseppe Iaria (CSHRNet Founder and Advisory Board Member). The committee has the main objective of developing initiatives to support researchers and trainees involved in performing space health research projects. Initiatives include (a) building mechanisms to facilitate data sharing between PIs, (b) connecting qualified trainees and PIs , (c) facilitating grant applications among researchers, (d) developing and managing trainee research scholarships and pilot funding.

Industry Partnerships Committee

The Industry Partnerships Committee is chaired by Roxanne Fournier (CSHRNet Advisory Board Member). The main objective of the Industry Partnerships Committee is to connect the academic community with the industry for the benefits of both. Initiatives may include (a) establish partnerships with Canadian companies, (b) developing mechanisms for project cost-sharing between CSHRNet and companies (e.g., Mitacs, NSERC Alliance, etc), (c) supporting trainees through industry internships (ex: Mitacs, etc), (d) identifying and managing industry involvement in the biennial Canadian Space Health Research Symposium (posters, booths, demonstrations, funding and sponsorships, etc). If interested in joining the research committee please email the Industry Partnerships Committee Chair


The Communications Committee is chaired by Lucy Ma (CSHRNet Advisory Board Member). The Communications Committee has the main objective of disseminating information about the CSHRNet activities and space health scientific knowledge. Initiatives include (a) organizing the biennial Canadian Space Health Research Symposium, (b) organizing webinars and panel discussions, (c) promoting space health events in Canada and abroad, (d) promoting funding opportunities for Canadian researchers and trainees, (e) managing the CSHRNet website, digital media content (twitter), mailing lists and email accounts. If interested in joining the research committee please email the Communications Committee Chair

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