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2024 Canadian Space Health Undergraduates Summer Research Award

The Research for Undergraduates in Space Health (RUSH) Award provides financial support for a research experience in the field of space health, addressing one or more health conditions identified as problematic for astronauts during spaceflight. Undergraduate students will work full-time on a research project for 12 consecutive weeks (to be held any time between May 1 and August 31, as indicated by the applicant) with the supervision of a faculty member in an academic laboratory. We strongly encourage applications from members of any underrepresented groups (disclosable in the application form).


Deadline: the application for the 2024 RUSH award is now CLOSED. Please check back in early 2025 for updates.



The CSHRNet is providing a total of $3,000, paid  over the 12-week research duration. Supervisors are required to match this contribution, bringing the students’ total stipend to $6,000.



  • Students (Canadian and international) must be enrolled full-time in an accredited Canadian university in an undergraduate program, or be a recent graduate from an undergraduate program (any discipline). Note that students are NOT eligible if they are already enrolled in a graduate program; however, they are eligible if they have been accepted in a program of graduate studies but not starting before September 2024.

  • Students must not have other commitments during the summer such as other internships or a heavy (more than 2) course load.

  • Students must have obtained a minimum cumulative B average in the last two years of study (unofficial transcripts will need to be uploaded in one single PDF file). 

  • Students must identify an eligible supervisor (an academic faculty member working in an accredited Canadian university) providing the matching contribution to the stipend (as confirmed in the reference letter provided by the supervisor).

  • The proposed research project must focus on a health related issue relevant to space health research. A variety of research proposals may qualify for this award, including those focused on humans, animals, cells, public health, machine learning, and others relating to space health.

  • The project must be conducted at an accredited Canadian university within Canada. If the research is not performed in the applicant’s city, additional funding will not be provided to cover the expenses of travel and accommodations during their 12-week project.

  • The proposed supervisor is allowed to sponsor only one applicant.


Application process, requirements, and evaluation

Applicants are required to complete the form available on this webpage, and upload unofficial transcripts (confirming the minimum cumulative B average in the last two years of study), and an updated resume highlighting relevant professional, volunteer or academic experience. 


In addition, applicants are required to arrange for one letter of reference, which will be emailed directly by the referee to The letter must be provided by the proposed supervisor who, in addition to commenting on the feasibility of the proposed project, and the student’s skills and experience, will confirm the matching contribution of $3,000 to the student’s stipend and the source of it. The supervisor can sponsor only one applicant.


Applications will be evaluated by the selection committee on (a) quality, novelty, and significance of the research proposal, as well as its applicability to space health research, (b) applicant’s academic record, experience and career benefits, and (c) letter of reference.


Students receiving the award will be required to submit by September 15, 2024 a one-page summary describing the project’s findings and their potential scientific impact.


Important dates

  • March 15, 2024: at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST): Deadline for student to submit applications (and for supervisor to email the letter of reference. 

  • April 1, 2024: Notification of the awards.

  • April 7, 2024: Deadline to accept the awards.

  • May 1 to August 31, 2024: The time period the 12-week award can be held.

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