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Roxy's Marathon

I’m Roxy! I am running a marathon to help support undergraduate students aspiring to join the space sector in Canada. Please read my story, which I hope will inspire you to take action and help me achieve my mission.

Click the link above to go to the Canadian Space Health Research Network's Donation Portal (hosted by the University of Calgary). Please specify this fundraising campaign in the "Comments" box.


January Update

I am so thankful to those who donated to my campaign so far! Please continue to share the link and help me raise more. We’re still a long way from my fundraising goal. Also, if you have any burning questions for me, no matter what the topic, I’ll try to answer them in my next monthly update. Meanwhile, here’s a run-down of the past couple of months.

In December, I did a fun challenge called the “12 Days of Run”, hosted by Lewiston Ultra Events. It starts with a 1K run on December 1st, then adds an additional kilometer with each successive day, until December 12th, for a total of 78K. I highly recommend checking out their other events too! In the summer I did their 16K Moose Mountain Trail Race in West Bragg Creek, AB and finished 6th in my division.


As most runners know, training in the winter can be challenging. The temperature from one week to the next has fluctuated by almost 30 degrees Celsius at times. Unfortunately, I lack the proper gear to run safely in really cold temps, so I chose to use the treadmill on a few occasions.

I’ve had minor setbacks too. My old nemesis, shin splints, returned in early January and I’ve struggled to recover. That usually signifies my running shoes need to be retired, so I’m now the proud owner of two new pairs. Hopefully February will be shin pain-free!


Total distance Jan 2024: 118.33K

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