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Canadian Space Health Research Symposium Travel AwaRDS


Travel award applications are officially closed- the deadline to apply was October 1st, 2022.

Thank you to all applicants of the 2022 Canadian Space Health Research Travel Award. 

Travel awards are available to trainees who would like to attend the Canadian Space Health Research Symposium and have

limited funds to cover travel expenses. Applicants are strongly encouraged to identify travel funding through their research

institution (or any other source) and apply for those opportunities first, before submitting the application.

Travel award applications will be evaluated based on the scientific merit of the research study presented at the symposium, with priority given to members of underrepresented groups. Each award will cover transportation and hotel accommodation, the details of which will be determined by the organizers with the awardees following email confirmation of the awards.

To be eligible for a travel award, applicants will need (a) to be affiliated with a Canadian institution at the time of submitting the application, (b) to be registered for the Symposium, and (c) to present a research poster at the Symposium (applicants who do not intend to present a poster can still apply for a travel award but priority will be given to presenters).

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