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2024 Canadian Space Health Research Symposium

The Canadian Space Health Research Symposium is a two-day forum for national and international leading scientists and trainees investigating the effects of spaceflights on humans’ health, as well as those whose research has the potential to make a significant contribution to space health. Importantly, the symposium is also a venue for discussing how space health research could impact communities that are confronting a variety of medical conditions on Earth. The symposium is an opportunity for the dissemination of scientific work, the development of collaborative projects, networking, and the engagement of trainees in human health research programs.

Click here for information on abstract submission.

To volunteer for helping with the symposium, please contact our Communications Chair (Lucy Ma) at

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Exhibiting technology for space health research

Companies can join the symposium to showcase their products/equipment of potential use for space health research, and establish a research collaboration with experts in the field. If interested in exhibiting at the next opportunity, please contact the Industry Partnerships Committee Chair (Roxy Fournier).

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