The symposium's schedule will include research sessions and panel discussions from invited speakers (listed below), and poster presentations as submitted by attendees. The symposium will start early morning on November 17, 2022, and end late afternoon on November 18, 2022. A detailed schedule will be posted here in September 2022.

Confirmed speakers

Antiño Allen (University of Arkansas, USA)

Deyar Asmaro (Langara College, Canada)

Edouard Azzam (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Canada)

Jaideep Bains (University of Calgary, Canada)

Steven Boyd (University of Calgary, Canada)

Jelena Brcic (University of Fraser Valley, Canada)

Ford Burles (University of Calgary, Canada)

Alexander Choukèr (University of Munich, Germany)

Ryan D'Arcy (HealthTech Connex and Simon Fraser University, Canada)

Marieke de Korte (University of Toronto, Canada)

Simon Duchesne (University of Laval, Canada)

Brent Edwards (University of Calgary, Canada)

Laurence Harris (University of Toronto, Canada)

Richard Hughson (University of Waterloo, Canada)

Giuseppe Iaria (University of Calgary, Canada)

Phyllis Johnson (University of British Columbia, Canada)

Perry Johnson-Green (Canadian Space Agency)

Saija Kontulainen (University of Saskatchewan, Canada)

Edward (Ed) McCauley (President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Calgary, Canada)

Matthew Rossman (University of Colorado Boulder, USA)

Joan Saary (University of Toronto, Canada)

Kevin Shoemaker (Western University, Canada)

Michael Strong (President, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Canada)

Peter Suedfeld (University of British Columbia, Canada)

Robert (Bob) Thirsk (Canadian Astronaut)

Guy Trudel (University of Ottawa, Canada)

Chen Wang (University of Toronto, Canada)

Ruth Wilkins (University of Ottawa, Canada)